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By | September 17, 2013

If you are single and looking to meet that special someone, then online dating is something that has worked for many people. Whether you use one of the sophisticated services that link people by attributes, like eHarmony, or one of the free sites that put large numbers of profiles up for people to find, like Plentyoffish.com, the key to success is putting together a profile that will attract the interest of those you are looking for. Making a woman’s profile that gets the right kind of attention is often challenging, but so many people have found success through online dating that you should be optimistic about your own chances. Follow these tips to get the best results!

1. Choose a headline that makes you seem normal.

You might want to come across as exotic to attract the interest of more men. However, the truth is that headlines that come across as a bit wacky or “out of there” might attract attention, but possibly not from the men that you want to meet. Instead, a headline for a woman’s profile should show some fun but also some stability. Something like “Hoping to find someone normal for a change” suggests that your dating history contains a bunch of insanity, and many guys will stay away. “Psychos need not apply” is another sign that you have a lot of baggage that guys don’t want to deal with. However, headlines like “Want to run a marathon with me?” or “Looking for someone to read the Sunday paper with me” suggest positive, stable traits to men, and you are much more likely to get success with those.

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2. Choose the right photograph.

Guys are visual animals, and a woman’s profile for dating that either has no picture or has the wrong sort of picture will either get no attention or the wrong sort of attention. In this day and age, you have to have a picture of yourself if you want attention on any level at all. If you don’t post a pic, the only response you will get is from guys with no pics, and you definitely don’t want to meet a guy who lacks the confidence to post his own images. With this said, you don’t want to put up that “selfie” showing you in a camisole and cat ears at a Halloween party as your primary image. You don’t have to put up a professional-quality headshot instead of a fun picture, but choose a picture that accentuates your attractive features without making you look like you’re on the Miley Cyrus bandwagon. You want to look beautiful and tasteful at the same time.

3. Accentuate the positives.

Have you recently gone through a nasty divorce? You do want to indicate that you are divorced in your relationship status, but you do not want to spend a lot of time in your profile detailing all of the problems you have gone through in the time since then. Everyone has some baggage in their past, and if you find a guy to start a relationship with, he will likely have some too. You can talk about your problems with your boyfriend, but advertising those issues in a woman’s profile online is just asking guys to ignore you. They will figure that you are going to spend that first date talking all about your ex, and guys don’t want to buy you drinks and dinner so they can listen to you complain about your life the first time the two of you meet.

4. Make your profile honest.

If you lie in your profile, you are headed for disappointment. Is it all right to add an inch to your height? Maybe. If you say that you’re single or divorced when you are still married, though, you are likely to scare guys away, even if you are separated. If you are living with your parents, that’s not necessary a deal killer, but if you say that you have your own place in your profile when you don’t, guys won’t appreciate the lie. You don’t have to say where you live, but make sure that you are honest about what you write online.

5. Be open about what you want.

Whether you are looking for friends, something casual, or something committed, a successful woman’s profile is direct about what you are looking for. Guys will appreciate this, and you are more likely to end up with a match. After all, guys will be direct if they don’t want a commitment, so why shouldn’t you be direct as well? There’s no reason to indicate that being “friends with benefits” is all right with you if it is not, and you are likely to get a lot of interest from guys who do not want to commit to you. For a woman’s profile to bring in the right kind of attention, you need to follow these steps and be clear about yourself and your needs.

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