9 Tips For Meeting Single Millionaire Women

Single Millionaire WomenAs a wealthy man it is natural to want to meet someone of a similar economic status. When you date a wealthier women you known that you will likely have common interests, tastes, education and background. You also don’t have to worry that she might only be interested in marrying you for your money.

However finding single millionaire women to date can be a challenge. They are a much rarer breed that than the gold diggers that wealthy men naturally attract. To make your task easier here are nine tips for finding and impressing single millionaire women.

#1 Join An Exclusive Millionaire Dating Site
Technology has made it easier than ever before to meet single millionaire women. Exclusive millionaire dating sites cater to only high net worth individuals. Think of them as being like a private club with very restrictive membership requirements. When you use a millionaire dating site you know that all of the members have already been carefully vetted and meet a certain standard of wealth. This overcomes one of the most difficult aspects of dating single millionaire women which is trying to find them. Millionaire dating sites allow you to meet eligible wealthy women from all over the country and the globe. As a member of one of these sites you will be able to view in depth profile information about potential dates so that you can decide whether they meet your requirements in terms of beauty, background and interests. You can then message potential dates and see if there is any spark between you two. Finally everyone who joins a dating site does so for one purpose: to date. The women on the site want to meet an eligible man of similar status to themselves. That means you don’t have to worry about approaching someone who may not be interested or available.

#2 Join An Expensive Fitness Club
Fitness clubs are well known as a place that singles meet. However, if you want to meet a millionaire you aren’t going to do it by joining the local YMCA. Instead you need to join one of the more expensive fitness clubs which attract wealthier female clients. This includes locations such The Sports Club in LA, Peak Performance in New York or The Houstonian Club in Texas. One mistake men make is trying to approach women in the weight room. Offering to help her with her technique is more likely to make you look like a jerk than a nice guy. Instead try out group fitness classes such as Yoga or Spinning, socializing before and after the class is much more natural. What’s more group classes tend to be seriously overbalanced in favor of females. After your class why not invite her out for a green drink?

#3 Consider Aman Resorts For Your Next Vacation
Finding single millionaire women on vacation is sometimes not easy. Gold diggers will often flock to traditional hot spots for millionaire men but rich female singles can be more elusive. One good option is to try the Aman Group. This chain of hotels, resorts and villas redefines the idea of luxury and focuses on exclusivity and privacy. The chain was started with a single resort in 1988 on the island of Phuket but now there are 25 properties in the group. Each of the locations is exotic and the hotel is harmoniously integrated into the surroundings. And with an average nightly room rate of $850 they only attract the elite. These slightly unconventional hotels and resorts are just the sort of place that single millionaire women would go to “find herself” or to take a break from the stresses of busy work life. Some top choices include the Amankila in Bali, the Amanwelle in Tangella and the Amanjiwo in Java. Meeting in such exotic and romantic locations is sure to be the start of any women’s fairy tale vision of romance. After all it plays perfectly into the “Eat, Pray, Love” fantasy that many single millionaire desire, with you playing the starring role of the Javier Bardem character.

#4 Sponsor Or Become A Member Of Museums And Art Galleries
If you want to meet educated, single millionaire women one place you want to spend time is around art. Sponsoring or becoming a member of museums and public art galleries such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The British National Art Gallery or the Musee de Orsay will give you access to private events and talks. This are often frequented by single millionaire women and are a natural place to meet. Attending the events demonstrates that you are cultured and will give you interesting mutual topics to discuss.

#5 Don’t Talk Too Much About Your Money
Single millionaire women are obviously pleased if their husband to be is also of substantial means. But, that doesn’t mean that you need to constantly talk about your money. Indications of your wealth such as dressing well or talking briefly about your business will usually be enough. Take time to discover what topics she is interested in and then discuss these. If you want to talk about money discuss the things that you would like to do such as spending your vacation at Gstaad or St Barts. Talking about vacations allows you to demonstrate the freedom your mutual money will buy you, but also paints a desirable picture of the life you can lead.

#6 Take Her Somewhere Nice On The First Date
For your first date you want to take you wealthy female date somewhere nice. If you are in New York try Masa. With only 26 seats it has the right exclusive feel. And it is the best way to enjoy the full omakase experience. For something a little more traditional why not take her to Alain Ducasse for American food with french stylings. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on the first night to set the right tone.

#7 Consider Higher Education
One of the most common places for the wealthy elite to meet their spouse is graduate school. According to a recent study conducted by UK newspaper the Daily Mail it was revealed that Harvard University had the richest alumni with 2,964 students with a net worth over $200 million. Graduate school can be a great place to meet a successful and upwardly mobile woman. Graduate classes at Harvard and some other Ivy League colleges are relatively balanced in terms of gender. The late night study sessions, group work and Friday night drinks mean that meeting women is often much easier in this environment. Elite colleges also have the advantage of self selection. The fact that you have been admitted is usually enough to meet most single millionaire women success requirements.

#8 Keep It Simple On The Second Date
For your second date keep things a little simpler. You have already established that you can afford to take her out for a nice evening. Doing more than this simply belabors the point. Take in the theater and a nightcap, or enjoy a museum show. With single millionaire women you don’t want to be appear one dimensional and that you can only think with your wallet.

#9 Think Thoughtful Gifts
At some point in your dating you are going to want to surprise her with a gift. With single millionaire women you aren’t trying to buy her love. That means don’t just think expensive, think thoughtful. That means thinking about gifts that relate to her but still indicate a certain level of sophistication. For example maybe she mentioned that her “Franny and Zooey” by Fitzgerald is her favorite book. What would be better than surprising her with a first edition copy of the book. And of course if all else fails, women always appreciate flowers.

Meeting single millionaire women is in many ways the same as attracting any female. Put the odds in your favor by placing yourself in locations which wealthy women frequent, be friendly, confident and not overly boastful. Establish that you are successful but don’t make a big deal out of your finances. If you do this you will find that dating a single millionaire women doesn’t have to be that difficult.

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