The Best Places to Meet Rich Widows for Romance and Companionship

By | February 18, 2014

Women who have lost their husbands often would like to remarry. For rich widows the desire to meet someone special loss is particularly strong. They have the means to travel, enjoy hobbies, and attend cultural events. But, without someone to enjoy these activities much of the pleasure is lost. Because money is no longer an issue for rich widows what they usually looking for is companionship and a connection with someone will care for them. Men who have been widowed also often prefer to do meet Widows as they can understand what it is like to have lost someone. Here you can find more about where you can meet rich widows both on the Internet and in your local area.

How To Meet Rich Widows In Your Local Area

No matter which part of the country you live, there are opportunities for you to meet rich widows. Read on and find some of the most popular locations meeting rich widows.

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Country Clubs / Yacht Clubs

Country clubs and yacht clubs are two of the best locations to meet wealthier widows. Some of the more exclusive yacht clubs include the New York yacht club, St Petersburg club in Florida and the Chicago yacht club in Illinois. Country clubs are another great place to meet wealthy widows. Exclusive country clubs include the Atlanta Athletic Club, Los Angeles Country club and the Olympic club in San Francisco. However you do not have to join one of these ultra-exclusive clubs in order to meet rich widows. Many, if not most, country clubs will include at least some suitable dates

Charity Events

Rich widows often want to find a way to get back. Because their means are usually significantly larger than their needs, you will often find rich widows at charity events. Popular charity events with rich widows include museum and performing arts fundraisers and charities for diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Cancer research. One of the advantages of participating in charity events is that it is a good way to meet someone who is generous, altruistic and caring to those around. All good qualities ensure a good relationship.

Book Clubs / Wine Clubs

Clubs designed for more cultured tastes are often popular with rich widows. Two good examples of these are book clubs and wine clubs. These provide a relaxed setting for you to meet wealthier older women. The clubs encourage conversation between the members without any romantic expectations.


Wealthier widows often will want to make the most of the opportunities that their wealth allows them. One of the most popular ways to do this is by attending a cruise. Cruise ships are a great way to see the world and relax, and potentially need a romantic partner. Look for more high end cruises popular with the over fifty crowd.

Places To Meet Rich Widows Online

The Internet has made it much easier to meet rich widows. One of the advantages of meeting rich widow’s online that you are no longer limited by geographical location. You can meet a wealthy woman in San Diego even if you are currently living in Texas. Here are some of the best places to meet rich widows using the Internet.

Exclusive social networking sites

Social networking sites such as Facebook can potentially be a place to meet rich widows. But, if you have access to one of the exclusive social networking sites it can be a big help. The leader in the exclusive social networking site market is aSmallWorld. This social network is the online home to some of the richest and most elite members of society. Included among the members of aSmallWorld are celebrities, sports people, politicians, finances, nobility and rich widows. In order to join a small world you must be either invited by existing member or have your application approved by club trustees. This includes the CEO and president of aSmallWorld. is a bit of a hybrid method because it combines the Internet with meeting in person. Because of this while you be able to locate wealthier widows using this approach, you will still need to be living in the local area in order to meet up in person. Provided that you live in a larger metropolitan area you will find that there are regular meetings of widows. To use the site you simply need to register and indicate your interest in attending the event.

Online Dating Websites

The final option for meeting rich widows on the Internet is to join one of the online dating websites which cater to older or wealthy individuals. These online dating websites are specifically designed to make it easier for older and wealthier people to meet one another. Another advantage of using an online dating website is that you can view multiple profiles of people quickly that meet your criteria. You can also learn more about them through the profile before you introduce yourself. Online dating websites provide an easy way to meet wealthier widows.

There are many opportunities to meet rich widows both on the Internet and in the real world. Most widows would love the opportunity to meet a caring companion that they can spend their life with. Do both yourself, and them a favour, and take advantage of the opportunities that are available.

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