Millionaire Match Review

Millionaire Match is advertised as the “#1 Luxury Dating Site”. This is the first in a series of reviews that will provide honest information about this site, its features, pros and cons, and give tips for registering and creating an attractive profile.

MillionaireMatch offers many special features for its members and includes several ways for successful people, and admirers, to find prospective matches. Features including verified photos, ages, and incomes on many profiles. Members may include their phone number and net worth, though both items are optional. There is even a special VIP section of the site where celebrities and other VIPs can create profiles with security and confidence.

It is recommended that members fill out their profile completely to have the best chance of making a connection with other members. This means that during registration, you should include as much information as possible without putting yourself at risk. Put thought into creating your profile; provide honest, accurate information and include at least one recent photograph. It may be tempting to use an older, more flattering photo, but for serious members, this is simply a waste of time. Members of this site are real people looking to make an honest connection and fibbing is, well, discouraged at best.

After registration is complete, you must wait for your profile to be approved. This usually takes no longer than 24 hours. In the meantime, you may add a few flourishes to your profile to make it more attractive to prospective matches. There are sections to write about your ideal first date, likes and dislikes. This is a great way to introduce some of your personality into your profile. Do not simply say ‘dinner’ as a first date idea. Instead, try setting the scene. Perhaps you might favor a casual meeting at a small cafe, followed by a walk downtown or a stroll along the beach. Does dinner seem more comfortable? Maybe you’d like to write about your favorite restaurant or suggest a few possible locations near you? The possibilities are endless.

Should you run into any trouble along the way, feel free to ask questions. On every account homepage, there is a link to a live chat help center. Members may also contact the site by telephone, mail, or through several links in the Contact Us section of

There are several pros and cons to using any dating site, thought MillionaireMatch does seem to weigh in heavily on the positive end. Registration for MillionaireMatch is relatively painless. For standard members it’s quick, easy, and does not require any form of payment. It should be noted that members may upgrade to a Gold Membership, which does require a small fee, though it includes access to several features that standard members do not enjoy, such as a personal account manager, a private photo album, and access to members who meet all of your requirements.

MillionaireMatch has an intuitive, efficient site layout that makes finding and using features simple and quick. It has a wide variety of members, all of whom may be contacted in one way or another. Many of these members are ‘verified’ millionaires, for those whose taste runs in that direction.

Drawbacks of this site include a bland color scheme, limited access for free (standard) members, and numerous ads that asking you to sign up as a Gold Member. It can be quite a distraction for those who have no interest paying to meet people. If you can get past that, this site really does have a lot to offer.

One other thing that should be mentioned: as with any dating site, it is easy enough for members to falsify information. While this practice is discouraged, it may still happen. Use discretion when giving out any personal information and meeting in public may be for the best until you feel comfortable with someone.