FAQ for people who make over $200k per year

By | October 2, 2013

Do you make over $200,000 every year or are you a millionaire? Do you want to join Millionaire Match? Before you become a member this online match site for millionaires, read the following frequently asked questions and the answers to them.

Q. What is MillionaireMatch.com?

A. Millionaires like you usually have busy lifestyles so they are left with barely any time to opt for conventional means of meeting people. MillionaireMatch.com makes it convenient for the millionaires like you to find your Mr. or Miss right online. This one-of-a-kind site is the first to offer this service.

Q. Am I a millionaire?

A. Anyone who earns over $200,000 every year is a millionaire, and if you do, then you certainly are. Being a millionaire does not mean having assets with million-dollar or more total value every year.

Q. Will it be worth signing up for MillionaireMatch.com?

A. If you are a millionaire with a busy lifestyle, you probably have barely any time to meet and make friends. If you want a long-term relationship, both you and the other should have matching desires and dream. Finding such a person the conventional way can take a lot of effort and time. At MillionaireMatch.com, you will find the right person matching your dreams the closest without having to leave your desk. For any millionaire of today like you, it is a commonsense and inexpensive way to come across a loving partner.

Q. What will I get at MillionaireMatch.com as a member?

A. As a member, all the profiles will become viewable and you will be able to meet people who share similar interests. Unlike a small advertisement in a newspaper, you will be able to reach out to far more people and it will also cost you less cash.

Q. Can I use this service without a credit card?

A. Yes. The site also accepts bank check, debit card, money order and PayPal. You can obtain more details by registering as a standard member at the site. You will find details on all available options on the ‘Upgrade to gold Member’ page after logging in with your username and password.

Q. Will I really meet someone?

A.They use one of the best technologies in the industry. MillionaireMatch.com always makes sure that the people they match have similar entertainment, goals, hobbies, interests and outlook on life. Based on your profile, they try to make sure that you only meet people who have the most compatible profile.

Q. Will they use my real name?

A. Never, not at all. They will protect you by only making your screen name viewable and will never provide your email. Once YOU make the decision to write to a person whose profile seems compatible to your profile, then only that person will be able to see your email address.

Q. What is the site’s success rate?

A. Much like real life, what you put into it will determine how successful it will be. Once you become a member of MillionaireMatch.com, it means you are seeking to meet someone special. All that the site will do is match you with the most compatible person so that you two can exchange emails and phone calls. Meeting that person and making an effort to build a lasting relationship will all be up to you.

Q. Is this like placing a classified ad?

A. No. MillionaireMatch.com is actually a website that helps millionaires communicate with people who have already been screened as potential ideal partners for them. This means that you will be able to reach more quality people for less than the price of a classified advertisement.

Q. How do I tell my friends about MillionaireMatch.com?

A. Simply tell your friends to visit http://www.millionairematch.com. It is that simple.

Q: How does the membership at the site work?

A: After becoming a gold member, subscription will be automatically renewed every month for merely $60. You can always contact them at any time, if you want to end your subscription or switch to another subscription plan.

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