Finding Love with a Millionaire Dating Agency

Millionaire Dating AgencyWith the popularity of online dating comes the phenomenon of millionaire dating which is basically the same thing but catering to those who are just more loaded than the rest of us. Millionaires, after all, want to find love too. Millionaire dating is a recent trend sparked by a number of factors such as an increase in people getting into the dating pool after divorce or after years of building a successful and lucrative career, the increase in men and women who are specific about finding mates who are their equals financially, and an increase in millionaires who are looking for love.

What the Millionaire Dating Agency is
A millionaire dating agency is one that specializes in finding dates for millionaire men and women. It is essentially a dating agency that takes a person’s financial status as one of the most important factors for membership. There are different kinds of dating agencies that cater to the affluent and they may differ in membership requirements. For example, there are millionaire dating agencies that require all members, male and female, to pay a flat rate membership fee. Another type of millionaire dating agency is one that lets women in for free and charges its male members. Another kind of millionaire dating agency is one that uses net worth as a basis for membership.

How the Millionaire Dating Agency Works
In a millionaire dating agency, anyone who wants to become a member gets in by filling out an application and going through the interview process. Most agencies pick out their members according to eligibility especially since they only want the best people in the dating pool. The high cost of memberships also mean that members expect the best service from the agency. In most cases, members form the database or pool of people. The agency runs a search through the database and pairs those who it thinks will be good matches based on their member profiles. Matchmakers match clients according to their client profile which includes personality, hobbies, profession, to name a few. Most agencies provide arranged dates for clients while others may provide clients with an initial mixer or an occasion where clients can mingle and get to know each other before they plan more intimate, one-on-one dates.

Although this sounds very much like a regular online dating service, millionaires often fork over thousands of dollars in annual membership fees for the quality of service and because their matches are handpicked by experienced matchmakers, not computers. Members also go through rigorous screening processes to ensure that millionaires do not waste their time going on dates with the wrong people.

Some Different Kinds of Millionaire Dating Agencies on the Web

1. The Millionaires Club
This is perhaps one of the most well-known agencies for millionaires looking to find love. Owned and operated by celebrity matchmaker Patti Stanger, the club caters exclusively to millionaires but does make millionaire and non-millionaire matches. Stanger is known for her high success rates in finding mates for members and uses a strict set of rules for members to abide by, including monogamy before intimacy and the two drinks max rule during mixers.

2. Seventy Thirty
This is another exclusive millionaire dating agency that requires both men and women members to have a certain amount of average net worth. This is not surprising due to the requirement of some millionaires to mingle with members of the opposite sex who are not only after their money. This British millionaire dating agency service charges £10,000 as an annual membership fee.

This is a gay millionaire dating agency service for affluent gays with membership fees running from $5,000 to $30,000. Most of the service’s features cater to gay men but they have also started to offer services for gay women looking for other women. They also offer traditional online dating options which basically allows members to find dates on their own, and another service which provides clients with relationship experts who can help them choose suitable matches.

Regular dating is hard enough as it is, so it is easy to imagine how difficult it could be for those who have to worry about being liked for their money and not for their personality or character. Dating services that cater to the rich and famous make dating easier and less time-consuming for those who are moneyed but are failing miserably in the love department. With the help of services like the Millionaires Club and among so many others, millionaires also get a fair chance at finding that romantic relationship that no amount of money can’t buy.

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