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By | February 20, 2014

What should you do before you become a member of Millionaire Match? Read the following post before you proceed. This post contains information that can guide you as you make your profile, talk with other members, and experiment with the site’s various features.

How to Make Your Profile

At the homepage of, you can check out Quick Search. You can find descriptions of people who have achieved their goals while being a member of the site. By reading these descriptions and their stories of success, you can determine how you can succeed on the site yourself. Then you will see a link towards the page where you can sign up. (The profile pages of members are invisible to search engines and to non-members because of privacy concerns.)

Important Tips to Remember During the Registration Process

It is important that you write down your first name on the prompt. That name will not become visible to the public but it is essential upon confirming your personal details once you pay to become a Gold Member of the site, so better make sure that your first name is correct. Make sure that your first name is the same first name in your credit card (which you will use to pay for Gold Membership) to prevent plenty of hassles later on. You also have to choose a username, a password (make it strong!), and an e-mail address.

faq_how_id_works_enNext, you will be asked for some basic information such as your annual income, age, ethnicity, height, gender, country or area, and zip code. You have to be 18 years old and above to register to the site. Make sure that your details here are correct so when you finally meet with someone, these details won’t be much of a problem.

Later on, after signing up, you will see a section named “In My Own Words”. There, you will write down a description of yourself and of your desired match. This is harder than the second step because here, you will not just enter details. You have to make a coherent picture of yourself and your ideal match. Make sure that you immediately project a positive impression towards others, because you can hardly get a second chance.

Make sure that your profile page is unique so that it will stand out. Also, avoid using cliches such as “I like going out once in a while” or “I am a sociable person” because they are too generic. Others who look at these statements will simply skip them. At this point, you also have to enter a heading (a title). Don’t worry about this, because people will not completely ditch a profile just because of a subpar heading. You can spend your time better on creating a stunning description of yourself in your profile.

If you really want to meet other people on the site, then better upload a decent picture of you. Make sure that your picture is aligned with your description on your profile and make sure that as others see the picture, they can intuitively picture themselves being with you already.

After you are done with the profile, wait before it gets approved. Approval is quick and while waiting for it you can begin looking for others’ profiles already. If you need help, the site has 24/7 customer support online and through the phone. You can get all the prompt help that you need when you run into some technical problems or when you have a question about using the site.

If you’re looking for help on creating your profile, see these articles:

How to Deal With Singles In the Site

First, look for a person who catches your interest. With the “Search” capability of the site, you can enter the desired attributes of the people you want to meet. The search results will contain a list of site members with the given attributes. There are also many special matching options such as these: (1) Compatible matches – With this matching option, you will be matched with people who have a high match rating. A person has a high match rating if he or she shares plenty of traits with you. (2) Reverse matches – With this option, the search results will return people who want to meet someone like you. (3) New members – You can choose from new members who come into the site. New member updates take place every day.

The search options above will vary according to your predetermined settings, such as keywords, age, and many more. You can also click on the “Quick/Advanced Search” link if you want to search for people with particular attributes or if you want to narrow down your search.

Once you have signed in, you can begin viewing others’ profiles. To talk with others on the site, you need a subscription. After signing up, you become a Standard member who can search others’ profiles and “wink”, but there will be no communication with others through chat or e-mail. The most you can get is a “wink” back.

Special Features of, like other dating sites, has its own special features. Here are its features that can surely catch the most attention: (1) Luxuries for members; (2) Upscale fashion show; (3) Live in-house counselor; (4) CERTIFIED MILLIONAIRE program.

How to Subscribe to

Although you can be a standard member of, if you want to avail of all of its services, then you should purchase a Gold Membership. Gold Members can do the following: (1) Initiate chatting online; (2) Send E-mails; (3) Filter “winks” and E-mails; (4) Modify your security options for your profile and picture; (5) View Reverse matches and Compatible matches; (6) Know the last time other members have logged in; (7) Use Advanced Search to further narrow down you search for potential matches.

If you are a standard member who wants to become a Gold Member, go to “My Account” the next time you log in. Then find “Upgrade Now” and click it. (Monthly subscription which will stay in effect until you decide to cancel your Gold Membership.)

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