How to Begin Your Search on Millionaire Match

How to begin your search on Millionaire MatchClearly, by this point, you’ve heard a lot about the “Search” option at You know that being a Gold Member allows to access advanced search options such as searching for people by advanced or saved keywords, by horoscope or Astrological sign, or even by location, such as by city, state or province, and by zip or postal code. You even know that though these advanced options aren’t available to Standard members, basic membership does afford you some search options, such as searching by gender, age, and region.

So what do you do with this information? Use it!

For many, searching may be fun, but actually taking the time to look through profiles of potential partners, and even more, contacting those potentials, is a daunting idea.

But you have to look at the positive side, here. You joined MillionaireMatch for a reason, right? You want to meet people, whether you want casual friendships and potential “hook-ups” or a long-term relationship, the possibilities are all there. And searching allows you to find the people who will fulfill these roles.

If you are having trouble finding matches, try expanding your search criteria. Go to Search Profiles and try to broaden your match conditions. For example, if you have an age requirement of 25-30, try expanding that by a few years in either direction while searching does allow you to specify the types of members you want to see, remember that variety is not a bad thing. You have access to literally an unlimited number of searches while you are a member of MillionaireMatch. If you don’t find what you are looking for right away, try revising your search options, starting with zip code or region, then narrow your search with physical characteristics, lifestyles, and relationship desires.

Now that you have found a few potential matches, remember, you don’t have to be shy here, folks. Send a wink or an email. Take a leap of faith and you may just find that other people will be so much more open and receptive if you make the first move. It only takes a few button strokes.


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