How to Get into the Millionaire Matchmaker

How to Get into the Millionaire MatchmakerThe Millionaire Matchmaker is one of Bravo’s hit shows and showcases the lengths that millionaires would go through to find love. Hosted and produced by matchmaker Patti Stanger, the show has lasted for almost five years and has made Stanger a household name in the world of matchmaking. From celebs to CEOs, Stanger has secured dates and even happy-ever-afters for her lovelorn yet well-heeled clients. Although the stories in the show do not always end with the couple falling in love and getting married, you do see a number who hit it off and eventually form a lasting relationship together. This naturally gives a lot of men and women the idea that getting into the show may just be the ticket to finding love, and better yet, finding love with a guy or gal who is also attractive financially.

Here are important tips on how to get into the Millionaire Matchmaker, whether you are a millionaire or not.

Join the Millionaire’s Club
This is perhaps the easiest way to do it but you have to be a millionaire to be eligible. If you are, you can check out the official website and click on How to Join for specific instructions. Applications must be accompanied by professionally-taken photos so be sure to have your photos ready as you apply. The club only accepts applications through email so snail mail applications are automatically rejected.

Fill out the casting application form online
If you want to be considered as one of the people for the mixers that Patti arranges for clients, go to the Casting section of the site and fill out the form. You can also fill out the form by going to and sending it to [email protected] Hopefuls can also send in their questions to that email address. If you are lucky enough to be chosen for the mixer and appear on TV, you will also get a one-year free membership to the dating service.

Watch out for casting dates and locations
The show conducts castings regularly and they often posts ads on Craigslist and other boards containing information about the time and place for castings. Having friends in the business who can tip you off about the next casting venue really helps.

Know what to bring for the interview
The show has specific instructions about what to bring for the interview. Since they need to do background checks on the girls, proof of identification is a must. A driver’s license or government issue IDs is required.

Gate crash with caution
If you happen to know where the next mixer is going to be but have not applied, gate crashing is also an option. But be warned that those who succeed in being let in are those who are attractive enough for Patti to think that they could be what the millionaire wants. If you are planning on gate crashing, doing a little bit of research about the clients who are going to be there or about the applicants who were invited can give you an idea about your chances.

Have a job
Although Patti does not make being a millionaire a criteria when she casts girls and guys to attend her mixers for clients, having a job or something interesting will make you more likely to be cast. Patti and the other matchmakers on the show look for girls who can stand on their own financially. Girls who exude desperation are often shown the door even before they speak. This is because these millionaires are really looking for true love, not someone who wants to be with them for the money.

Be interesting
Being interesting means having a life after work, working for a non-profit, or having a hobby that a guy would likely find interesting. Patti’s clients have their specific preferences but having something that can set you apart from the rest of the girls is one sure way of getting Patti and her crew to notice you.

Be authentic
In a world of fake boobs and fake hair, authenticity is a rare thing, but it is something that millionaires require, especially if they’re Patti’s clients. It is important to be truthful about your age, for one thing. Patti can spot the girls who say they are younger than they really are, and she is not afraid to probe and embarrass girls in front of the camera. If you are 35, say you’re 35. Chances are, Patti has clients who want someone in your age bracket and would gladly cast you if you are suitable.

Be respectful
Patti hates applicants with the wrong attitude. It is a good idea to smile and say you are open to anything, whether it is moving to a new city or cutting your hair, as long as you are truly OK about doing these things. Girls who are also open to anyone regardless of looks or age tend to make it through the casting easier.

Prepare for a lot of brutal honesty
Patti does not mince words when she thinks you look fat in a dress or if you need to try a new hair style. Be prepared for a lot of honesty. Most girls can’t take how Patti delivers her criticisms and easily get offended but these tips are actually really effective in raising your chances of being noticed by the client. So listen, learn from the criticism and hopefully you can snag your millionaire date when the mixer comes around.

Watch the show and follow Patti’s advice as if she is personally giving them to you
Have you ever noticed how Patti calls out girls who are wearing the wrong outfits or have hair color that do not flatter them at all? Patti knows what kind of girls and looks her clients like and she does not hesitate to tell the girls during casting that they need to ditch the dress or change the hair color. Watching the show will give you the idea that most guys prefer girls who look classy, elegant, sexy but never too trashy. Some guys may like blond hair but blond hair that easily looks fake is a clear no-no. Watch the show and take Patti’s advice if they apply to you and you may just have a fighting chance of being cast for her next mixer.

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