How to Use “Keywords” Option in the Search

Keywords was created for successful people. This includes the hottest professions such as lawyers, athletes, engineers, top models and other high grossing members of the society. Most of these professionals come together and interact on the platform, meeting new people and having great adventures. However, sometimes you may want to get to meet someone really compatible with you: the birds of the feather. The search option may spring up some matches, but what if you want to get really close?

About the Keywords Option
This is a brilliant method of narrowing the searches, depending on your preferences – and it could actually score you your millionaire match. It is an optional, but powerful tool when it comes to sorting members according to their respective descriptions. It is very efficient in discovering new people and seeing what they like.

How does one use this option?
To use this feature, you go to the part of the site which is dedicated to quick search, and scroll down to the box labelled “Keywords”. In the box, you simply have to type in a word which best describes the type of person you would want to hang out with. For example, typing in “Lawyer” would spring up results which include the learned fellows of the profession. In the same way, searching for an ardent “golfer” would bring in the members who are into golf, and so on.

Who can benefit from this option?
This option is essential for someone who does not have time to tinker about, through thousands of profiles, to find someone who is perfect for them. One of the coolest thing about this feature is the wide array of matches that it exposes you. Some of the millionaire members are busy people, and they consider time to be precious. As such, they may not even update their occupation on their profiles.

Luckily, people use the terms that are most important to them, when they are describing themselves. For this reason, judging by the words that are thrown here and there, you could easily tell whether the individual in question is a successful banker, or not. This is exactly what the “Keyword” search option does. This option is only open for members with a golden subscription in their accounts.

What can we use the option to do?
When setting up their accounts, members were given an option to add keywords that could be used to give a summary of their personality. Words like “Intelligent”, “Fashionable”, “Kind”, “Stubborn” are very descriptive, and can give insight to the dominant feature of any member. Using the keyword feature to look up a term like “Passionate” will be very helpful in making you get in contact with passionate individuals. Moreover, since the site was designed to get you as close to your match as possible, the results will most probably include people you admire and would want to be with.

Finally, another smart feature about using Keyword searches is that it complements the Quick Search and Advanced Search options. Searching for specific places such as “Milan” will not only spring back the results about people in the environs of Milan, but also those who have had the opportunity of being in the city. Better still, you might end up knowing someone who is planning to go to Milan, and who knows about the mystery of the grand scheme of things? You could arrange a meet-up there!

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