What a Standard Membership Allows You to Do

By | September 23, 2013

If you are to avail of a free Standard Membership of Millionaire Match, you gain access to the basic features like creating your own profile as well as uploading personal photos. You can dress up your profile to describe who you are as well as project the type of person you wish to connect with. Additionally, your profile can be viewed by other Standard Members and Gold Members.

standard membership

If you find someone you are interested in, you can send him or her a free wink. If a Gold Member sends you either an instant message or an email, you can reply at no cost. However, since you are a Standard Member, you don’t have the privilege of starting communication with any other members. That said, you can’t send an instant message nor email either to a Gold Member or a fellow Standard Member. Only Gold Members can send messages to other members.

You are also allowed to search for other members’ profiles. However, the search criteria you’ll be able to use are limited. You can only search other members using the following criteria – gender, age range, and location. You have to be a Gold Member to be able to use all of the specific search criteria available.

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