How to Use Blog Feature on Millionaire Match

Millionaire, an online dating site for the rich and famous and their admirers, offers several features for members to get to put themselves out there and get to know prospective matches. One such way is by participating in the site’s blog.

On every account homepage there is a tab link to the Millionaire Blogs, where users can post threads on topics from New Year’s Resolutions and Pets to Scottish Country Dancing. There really is a section for just about everyone. And if you can’t find a thread you want to participate in, create one yourself!

At first it may seem a bit impersonal, or even be intimidating, to post your thoughts and opinions up for strangers to comment on, but blogging is one of the best ways to get to know other members on People on this site aren’t looking to tear into each other’s posts, they are looking for good conversation on topics they might be interested in. And for any members who may act as “trolls”, the message board moderators can easily suspend their right to post or rescind it altogether.

On that topic, it is important for members to note that they should not use the blog to attack other members or outside persons. Derogatory language is strictly prohibited and posting personal information such as phone numbers and email addresses is also frowned upon, although you may link to blog pages on sites like twitter and Facebook.

When a member clicks the Blog tab on their account homepage, they are taken to another page that lists current blogs and has a dashboard area, or “My Blog Status”, that has useful information such as “My favorite blogs”, and “Visitors on my blogs”, as well as an area to create your own blog posts and a link to all MillionaireMatch blog guidelines and FAQs. There is also an area that links to “Most active posts” for those who want to get into a conversation in full swing. For those who are looking to get involved in a new thread, there is a link to “Recent created blogs”.

While blogging may not guarantee you profile views on your account, you are much more likely to attract the attention of others if you are conversing with them. You’ll even have a conversation history with those you do blog with, should a special connection develop.