Is Millionaire Match a Legitimate Site?

When you see a website with a name like it is natural for many people to question whether or not it is a legitimate site. After all, anybody can come up with a name like that, so how do you know whether or not you would be wasting your time looking at it, or even worse, if it is some sort of scam.

Are the members all really millionaires, or are they going to be con artists who are out for a fast buck? To answer these questions let’s take a look at what is involved.

Is a legitimate site?First, the website has been live online since early 2001 – that’s thirteen years – and currently has well in excess of two million members. No, they are not all millionaires, but they are all successful people with a well above average income. When you join, you are not asked to prove your wealth but they do ask what your annual income is.

Another thing that tends to underline the fact that this is a legitimate site is that they take the trouble to state that if you are just looking for a “sugar-daddy” type of relationship, their website is not for you. If it wasn’t a legit site, they would simply allow anyone and everyone to join.

The fact is that wealthy and successful people often have more difficulty meeting a loving partner simply because they ARE wealthy and successful. When you have a lot of money it can be difficult to determine whether someone who says that they are attracted to you is genuine, or whether they are really just after your money and the lifestyle you can provide for them. This applies to wealthy people of both sexes.

Another very important indicator that millionairematch is legit is that the site has been featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CBS and ABC. Organizations of that standing are hardly likely to feature a website if it wasn’t legitimate. In fact, Forbes voted the site “Best Of The Web”.

The site also has a huge number of success stories and you can simply log on and read about them – all written by the people who have found their perfect match and are happy to tell the world. Indeed, they have no less than 88 pages of success stories.

If you are a celebrity with a high public profile they have a Special Members section where they will help you set up your profile in the Premium Member’s Area whether you want to be high profile or low key. also has pages and pages of good information and advice on how to proceed and how to make successful dates, even to the extent that they actually give you some tips on what to do if the first date didn’t go as well as you hoped.

In fact, is about as legitimate a dating site as it could possibly be – and may well be more legit than many other dating sites. It just happens that it specializes in dating for wealthy and successful people who need to find love just as surely as those who are not so wealthy and successful.

If you are looking for love it is certainly worth giving millionairematch a try. It is free to join so you have nothing to lose and you could just find that very special person you have been seeking.