Verification of photos and other profile information

VerificationBy now you are probably aware that there are many advantages to using, including how easy registration is and how you can use the sites blog to get to know other members of the site. But how can you tell if the people you are talking to are for real? Let’s face it, we’ve all heard the stories of that friend-of-a-friend who is on 10 different sites with 10 completely different profiles and personalities… And has 10 different “boyfriends”, at least. For those of us who don’t want to take on schizophrenia in order to find a match, there’s a better way. Consider verification.

Verification means proving your identity, your age, and what you look like in your photo by uploading a readable and clear copy of your driver’s license, State ID card, or passport. You can even verify your occupation and education by uploading readable, clear copies of your diploma or educational qualifications on company letterhead or other related material.

It really is much easier than it sounds. And it sounds pretty darn simple. Just think, in less than 72 hours you could be emailing one of your matches and they will know you’re not some crazy person in a basement bent on lies and seduction… Or, you know, Miss Schizo. That’s quite a reassurance for someone who is skittish about online dating.

Taking this step can show others that you are a real and honest person who is serious about finding matches and forming friendships and romantic relationships. If you are serious about finding your perfect match, consider verifying your account with

Now here’s the fine print: does not disclose, sell or rent any personal information submitted for verification to any third party organizations. All information submitted for verification by members is completely confidential.

If you would like to submit any documents for verification, please remember that it takes an average of 72 hours for to verify and post any and all information. MillionaireMatch verifies each document individually in order to maintain the quality of the site. For express approval call 1-416-628-1072.


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